With our rich and varied experience, we have developed SMART products catering to multiple domains such as Education, Banking and Finance, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain, Medicine, Pharma, CRM, etc.
eduBiZ is a complete suite of products targeted for the Education sector. It includes an online ERP to cater to admissions, students, examinations, staff, finance and accounts, library, assets, etc. A natural extension to the ERP comes in the form of a learning management system where students and learn, unlearn, re-learn and then appear for examinations. In addition, we have developed an in-house low cost teaching aids which help teachers teach using interactive whiteboards and put even a wall to use as a board!
AURA is a comprehensive product for bank audits. It is a complete and all encompassing audit software which takes care of the audit lifecycle from audit scheduling to closure including risk management, compliance, reporting, etc. Multiple MIS reports generated from AURA can help banks in working efficiently with effective control mechanisms. Various intuitive reminders, integration with Core Banking System, browser based architecture, complete user control with high level of parameterization are some of the key differentiators!

“seem” is an acronym for Mobile Sales Enablement and Extension. “seem” is a mobile based platform which can be easily integrated with your custom or legacy supply chain, manufacturing, human resource, CRM applications to help our customers benefit from the mobile workforce. “seem” gives customers the mobile strategy at an affordable price point.
DocPLUS is an ERP/EMR software for the medical profession. It takes care of complete patient management along with record management, accounting, billing, finances, etc. and also has capability to send reminders in the form of SMS/EMail. Integrating DocPLUS with seem and a web application for appointments, payments, etc. gives a cutting edge to doctors.

iCompass is an integrated CRM software specially targeted for the investment banking industry. It tracks the opportunity lifecycle from suspecting to won/loss, etc. along with the allied processes of calls logs, deal logs, tasks, etc. iCompass can be very easily intergrated with “seem” to ensure “on the go” tracking.
HRTrack is very specifically developed keeping in mind the problems faced by Human Resource departments for various organizations. HRTrack takes care of typical functions such as time attendance, salaries, time-sheets, leaves, etc. alongwith a feature to have leave requests taken care of via SMS.


NiTECH and our strategic partner OptiPace Technologies have built “Opti-Terminal”, an all integrated handheld terminal with a touchscreen, biometric, camera, printer, bluetooth, contact/contactless cards, USB, SAM, dual simcard slot, WiFi, BlueTooth, etc. The terminal has utility in multiple sectors such financial inclusion, e-governance, pay-n-park, attendance, medicine, logistics, Point of Sales and multiple last mile solutions. Click here to download the brochure

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